At Amschela we have decided taken a leap forward to being able to produce products that are free from animal cruelty. We hope you join us in this new direction.

As a fairly new brand we joined the market in 2017 using real leather in our processes. But at what cost? We want to take move forward in a way that promotes sustainability, is eco friendly and helps to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2020 we introduced the first of our Vegan products – the beautiful Thais Vegan Croc Tote.

Amschela is a member of the UK Goverment SME Climate Hub seeking to eradicate climate change.   Amschela is an Earth Positive brand and has joined forces with Get Mads to promote climate positive solutions which allows the brand to plant trees and /or remove plastic from the ocean per every purchase. You can track our climate positive impact here. As a result of our positive impact, Amschela supports the following UN Projects:

UN 6848: Hydroelectric Energy in Chile

UN 9933: Improved Cook Stoves in Malawi

Plastic Bank: Transforming Public Waste into Empowering Income

UN 6315: Sugarcane Biomass Power in India

UN 5016 Reforestation in Rural India

The Eden Reforestation Project

We pledge that previous real leather products will only be reproduced once sold out in vegan leather. In 2021, we produced our last leather product, the stunning Ophelia in Microsuede Leather.


We pledge from now onwards to only use high quality vegan synthetic and/or PU leather materials in or products. PU is resilliant, resilient, flexible, durable, lighter than real leather and is a material approved by Peta. PU also does not use chlorine which can be harmful to the environment whilst being manufactured. Amschela is a Peta Approved Certified Brand in respect of its vegan products and will gain full certification once all our products become vegan: You can find the brand here

With regards to product hardware we pledge that all hardware is consistent with the EU Reach Standards in an attempt to protect human health and the environment from increased risks brought on by the use of chemicals. You can read more about Reach here.

Working Slavery

We pledge that all of our suppliers and manufacturers abide by the strict standards that we adhere to in a legally and socially responsible manner in regard to the products we design and sell. This includes assurance and prohibition of no child labour, no forced labour and workers being treated with respect, dignity and the allocation of fair wages.

Our Principles

To refrain from child labour, forced labour including prison, indentured or boned labour.

To refrain from employing any person under the age of 16 years old in a work capacity.

To refrain from all types of employee abuse, including sexual, physical, mental or emotional.

To ensure employees have a safe working environment compliant with health and safety legislation.

To ensure a fair wage is paid to all employees that do not fall short of meeting the employees basic living requirements.