At Amschela we believe that luxury products can be developed and retain quality and yet still be affordable.

We welcome you to our 4th Collection – The Heritage Collection; a stunning traditional English messenger shoulder bag of an intricate mix of replicated wrought iron handles and stud features set against industrial deep tone leather, with grouse set jewellery and handcrafted embroidered roses called “RENE BRUNEL” reminiscent of the Victorian Era of the 1800s. We definitely feel this is our most exciting collection to date and are so happy to share it with you. This collection is also on a personal level so important to us, it has been named after the late great entrepreneurial engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel from our home town of Bristol who designed the historic SS Great Britain in 1843 and sits within the Great Western Dockyard today in all its original splendour.  we are honoured that this collection carries his name by way of homage to the spirit of design creativity. 

So much has happened since we launched. Our debut into the world of accessory design seems so far in the past. We have appeared in the most prestigious fashion magazines; Vanity Fair UK – March 2018 Issue as a ‘Style Obsession’ and British Vogue – June 2018 in the ‘Designer Profile’ pages, alongside Tatler and British GQ. We have also made appearances on BBC Radio Bristol and featured in Bristol Evening Post (always nice to receive love from your home town – thank you Bristol! We currently have some TV appearances lined up for later in the year discussing all things Amschela, some more high-end magazine features and incredibly, presenting Best  Talk Show at the National Reality TV Awards was a brand high in our capacity as one of the ‘Official Sponsors’. We cannot thank you enough for your support. Thank you once again, Naomi Isted – a solid supporter of brand Amschela – we adore you! We are sad to see our very 1st Face of Amschela; Ella Riggs leave (in spirit, but we are delighted that our 2nd Face of Amschela is the amazingly talented Layla Powell.  We are currently in the process of bringing you our ”Signature” line for 2020 and look forward to you all joining our journey.

Amschela strives to ensure that our handbags are individually sourced, manufactured and created with our clientele’s personality central to our vision, encapsulated as “the fusion of luxury fashion within reach”.

Love Keri Andriana xxx